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Is identity theft going out of style? – fake id

July 31, 2007

An article by Iain Thomson, 24 Jul 2007 illustrates recent developments in ID theft.
On a more serious note, see his earlier article revealing that 4 million UK users hit by ID theft with average losses of £3,000 and the research that the growing concerns of the user are resulting in avoidance of online transactions.
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MU says that the use of fake IDs grows during the early part of the year – fake id

July 31, 2007

A new University of Missouri-Columbia study shows fake identification is a risk factor for additional underage alcohol consumption, UM Extension announced yesterday.

A team of psychologists discovered an increasing number of students obtained fake ID during their first two years of college, and that resulted in more drinking.

Researchers tracked more than 3,700 students during their first four semesters. During that period, fake ID ownership rose from 12.5 percent to 32.2 percent among students younger than the legal drinking age.

The study also revealed that students belonging to fraternities or sororities were more likely to own a fake ID.

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How to Make a Fake ID

July 31, 2007

Recently found this online, if only it were really that easy to make a fake id.  


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need



Step One

You need an old fashioned laminated driver’s license or ID card, preferable with your picture and name on it. This example works well with the older Washington State ID and most similar laminated cards.


Step Two

Scan the ID as is with your trusty flat-bed scanner at a decent resolution. You’ll need to scan both sides of the ID. Open the files with Photoshop or your favorite image editor.


Step Three

Change the birth date to make yourself (or the hot young girl you’re dating) at least 21. Make sure the expiration and issue dates are valid.


Step Four

Print the photos with the best color printer you can find. Try several times until the size and color match perfectly. Remember, until this time DO NOT touch the original ID card.


Step Five

Cut your copies perfect to size and set aside for later.


Step Six

Take a razor blade and split the laminated sides of the ID in half. Start at one corner and work slowly. Do not hurry and do not tear the plastic.


Step Seven

Pull any cardboard out from the middle. Don’t worry if you can’t get it all.


Step Eight

Get a pan of boiling water going. Drop both pieces into the water and let them boil for 20 to 30 minutes, or as needed.


Step Nine

Remove any excess cardboard or paper. At this point there still may be an impression of the photo on the front piece. Don’t fret.


Step Ten

Take a pair of tweezers and pull the impression off the inside of the front piece. It should peel off like a piece of skin. At this point you have 2 blank sides of the ID with the gold stripping / logo (or similar) still in tact.


Step Eleven

Place the perfect copies between the two sides and re-laminate. Don’t try this at Kinko’s unless you know the night manager. You many need to get your own laminator, but they shouldn’t be too expensive.


Step Twelve

That’s it, have fun at the clubs!

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