Banks In China find 2500 cases of fake ids

The People’s Bank of China has announced that Chinese banks discovered 2,500 cases involving fake ID cards in less than a month with the help of a verification network that enables the police to share its database with the country’s banking outlets.The network has uncovered 230 criminal cases from 32 million deals and blocked 100,000 people from making transactions. Considering the numbers involved that is not too shabby. Note most carefully that the ID card in our illustration is a genuine card and NOT one of the fake ones.

Su Ning, vice governor of the central bank, said the central bank and the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) will provide all the bank outlets in the country with access to the network as soon as possible, with every outlet having at least one computer used for verification.

Su Ning said,’The network aims to protect the banking system from those who attempt to open a bank account with a fake ID card and rid the banks of all anonymous accounts.’

The ministry’s demographic database has had 1.3 billion entries — including Chinese citizens’ names, ID card numbers and photos. A representative of the MPS said, ‘All these will provide the banks with accurate information for identity verification.’

From April 2000, Chinese people have been required to present their ID cards when opening bank accounts.
Source: China View

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