Fake IDs: Jonah Hill from Superbad buys a Fake ID!

Fake IDs: Jonah Hill from Superbad buys a Fake ID!

Jonah Hill goes from the porn site king in Knocked Up to the guy who will do anything to impress his high school crush in Superbad including vowing to buy alcohol for her party despite being under age to purchase it.
So Jonah relies on his best friend played by the fresh faced Christopher Mintz-Plasse to use his fake I.D. connection to buy the booze. Jonah admits to the days when he used fake I.D.
“I had a fake ID. I had a few. And there were no real stories, it worked pretty well. One time when I had gotten one of them the man who I bought it from was a really shady weird dude who was in college. He was a college guy who somehow figured out he could make a lot of money selling fake IDs to high school kids.”

Here’s a warning to anybody under age thinking about purchasing fake ID. Jonah says he’s lucky he made it out of there alive in one piece.

“He kept me at his apartment longer with conversation, like he didn’t want me to leave like he was lonely or something. And that really freaked me out because he’d be like, ‘wait just stay check out this cool video game I got.’ I was like, ‘well I gotta go!’ I gotta go not get killed by you before you murder me and laminate my genitals.”

Superbad was written by Seth Rogen who submitted the script as a writing sample to Knocked Up director Judd Apatow when he was an actor on the television series Freaks and Geeks.

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