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Make a Fake ID

October 13, 2008

Are you looking to make a fake id? We’ve received lots of requests for information on how to make a fake id using free templates and programs like photoshop. Well, we figured (not to burst anyone’s bubble, but to educate people) on the truths ans myths relating to making a fake id. You can get a fake id, but it’s not as easy as some web sites might make it seem! Read on!


Fake ID Templates

October 1, 2008

Lots of peopl ehave been looking for fake id templates (i.e. where can I find them, download them for free, etc.) or similar information on how to make a fake id lately. A lot of people seem to be under the impression that it’s really easy to make a fake id, who knows why they think that’s so? You can easily make a crappy looking id that no one would take (i.e. you wouldn’t get into clubs, buy beer, etc) – but why would you want that? Most of those searches we suspect are from students who have seen a friend get a crappy id, and now want one for themselves.

They should seriously read this post on fake id templates (have a video, too) and also they should reference this on fake id.

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How to create a fake id – if only it were that simple!

September 17, 2007

How to create a fake id

Creating Front of ID
First you will need to create an ID on your computer. Linkbase has a good Florida drivers license Photoshop template available for download. You can make this look amazing, and all it takes is a basic grasp of Photoshop.

Creating Back of ID
Next you will need to create a back for your ID. Make sure you edit the image properties to make it the EXACT same size as the front of your ID. You will have to create the back yourself, but it is relatively simple to find a barcode online. You can use your real drivers license for inspiration. Make sure you add a “magnetic strip,” which can be found by searching for a “black bar” on Google Images and resizing accordingly. I have a sample I can post if there is enough interest.

Printing Your ID
Fake IDs can be printed on photo paper or cardstock, but in order to create a profession quality ID, you need a special type of paper called Teslin. Laser printers will not print on Teslin, but most inkjet printers will work, particularly Epson printers. Make sure you print with the highest quality settings. Print the front and back images on both sides of the paper. If you decide to go with photo paper instead of Teslin, use two different sheets, then glue them together, along with a layer of cardstock in between.

Finishing Your ID
Carefully cut your ID out, and make sure you give it rounded corners. Now all that’s left is to laminate it. You can get self-lamination sheets at any Staples, or you can invest in a laminator. Many models are available for under fifty bucks. One last touch many people like to give their IDs is a hologram. Excellent holograms can be purchased very cheaply.
Using Your ID
Many people have different ideas on how to use a fake ID. Most people agree that it a good idea to keep your ID in a plastic covering in your wallet, and offer over your whole wallet if the clerk asks for ID. Also, some people like to tell the clerk to keep the change if they think she’s getting suspicious. This gives her an incentive (perhaps even an unconscious one) to not question the ID.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post in the comments section. Also, remember this should not be attempted, as possession of a fake ID may be illegal depending on where you live.  If only it were as easy as this article makes it sound!

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